Innovative Program Award – Past Winners


The purpose of this award is to recognize annually a school library media center’s achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative event or service which has made a measurable positive impact on its users.  The award encourages innovation by asking applicants to highlight the way the library used all of its resources (which may include staff, administration, faculty, volunteers, and the community) to make this a successful event or service. 

The 2021 winners Linda Diekman (Central Elementary School, retired) and Daphna Neirick (Wilmette Junior High School) were unable to attend the banquet and so received their awards remotely.  Ther program, “One Book, One District” was presented in the Wilmette Public Schools District #39.

Past Winners

2021 – One Book One District – Wilmette Public Schools D39
2020 – (No Award Given)
2019 – Forest School STEM Fair – Forest Elementary School – D62
2018 – Highland Reads – Highland Middle School – Libertyville