Lincoln Award: Illinois Teen Readers’ Choice Award

Each year Illinois students in grades 9-12 can vote for their favorite book from the Lincoln Award Master list of 20 titles. The Lincoln Award is given to the book that earns the highest number of student votes.

For a book to reach the master list, adult and young adult fiction and nonfiction titles must be nominated by teachers or librarians and vetted by the nominations committee. While the popularity of a particular title is important, the overall quality of the work is of primary importance. Each year, a panel of high school librarians, teachers, public librarians and students determines the final master list of twenty titles.

Registered schools promote these books, and students who have read three or more titles are eligible to vote. See the calendar for the award timeline and register today!

This program encourages Illinois teens in Grades 9-12 to read for pleasure and to become lifelong readers. Named after former President Abraham Lincoln, an avid reader and noted author, the Lincoln Award is sponsored by AISLE and administered by the steering committee.