Innovative School Library Program Award

Deadline for Application

Applications must be submitted between May 1 and September 15 electronically to by 11:59 PM on September 15th. Save and submit all materials as a PDF.


The purpose of this award is to recognize annually a school library media center’s achievement in planning and implementing an innovative or creative event or service which has made a measurable positive impact on its users.  The award encourages innovation by asking applicants to highlight the way the library used all of its resources (which may include staff, administration, faculty, volunteers, and the community) to make this a successful event or service.  This award is not meant to recognize an overall library program but a specific event or service that adds to the success of the overall library program. The event may be a one-time, one-day occurrence, or it may take an extended time to complete.

(AISLE Policy: 303016.42)


  1. The librarian/media specialist from the nominated school library media center should be a current AISLE member.
  2. School library media centers of any size in Illinois are eligible for the award.
Selection Criteria
  1. Fill out both sections of the nomination and application form.
  2. A school library media center can be nominated by the AISLE Awards Committee, by some other external nominator, or be self-nominated.
  3. Keeping in mind the above rationale, write and submit a letter of no more than two pages which will address the following questions:
    • How was the library/media center’s event or service planned and implemented?
    • What measurable success among the library media center’s users was achieved in terms of usage, program attendance, or greater effectiveness as a direct result of this specific event or service?
    • How has the school library media center marshaled its resources for this event or service in particular to have a positive effect on its users?
  4. Supporting materials (letters from participants, teachers, administration, photographs, newspaper articles from the event, etc.) are optional but are strongly recommended.
Selection Process

The recipient will be selected by the AISLE Awards Committee. If a suitable recipient is not found, the award will not be given that year.

Click here to download the Nomination and Application Form, complete and save as a PDF to submit.