Maynard Scholarship – Past Winners


The Marilyn Kay Maynard AISLE Scholarship was created and awarded in 2012 to honor the 26 years that Kay Maynard held the position of Executive Secretary in AISLE. Kay was one of the original Founders of AISLE and served as the first AISLE President in 1988-89. In honor of Kay, 3 scholarships per year will be awarded up to $1000.00 for students who wish to gain licensure to work in Illinois schools as a school librarian. 

Past Winners

2022 – Kayleigh Parker
2021 – Mitchell Berman, Angelina Wernette
2020 – Susan Petersen
2019 – Christine Case, Claire Michaels, Amanda Weber
2018 – Kimberly Hazel-Rudden
2017 – Opetoritse (Ritse) Adefolalu
2016 – Emily Adams, Tabitha Nolen, Kelli Simpson
2015 – Emily Adams, Danielle Brauweiler, Kristy Reiger
2014 – Leanne Brown, Callie Leventis, Kim Reinke
2013 – Melissa Lambert, Jamie Winchell, Gretchen Zaitzeff
2012 – Sarah Caffarelo, Lori McGreal, Rachel Rogers